• 9/5 – Genesis 6:5-22, Genesis 7, and Genesis 8:1-22 – Has the violence on the earth diminished? What am I doing to reduce or end our violence against one another? How do I spread the forgiveness of God?
  • 9/6 – Genesis 9 – How do I respect the gift of life in everything God has made? How do I respect my own life? Do I recognize that I too am bound to all God’s creation?
  • 9/7 – Genesis 10:1-32 and Genesis 11:1-26 – How are the nations of the world divided against each other? How can people reunite to establish worldwide peace and justice?
  • 9/8 – Genesis 11:27-32, Genesis 12-13 – How has God called me to leave something and start over? Who has supported me by believing in me?
  • 9/9 – Genesis 14-15 – What demands has God made of me? How much do I trust God? How much do I value my relationship with God?
  • 9/10 – Genesis 16 – Have l ever tired to hurry God? What was the result? Have I ever given God a new name?
  • 9/11 – Genesis 17 – What relationships have transformed my life? Have I been given a new name? When have I laughed at the extravagance of God’s promise?

May your study bring you fulfillment and peace! As the month of September begins this week, it brings the beginning of school as well. Let us turn to the beginning of our Scriptures and begin from the beginning to hear the word of God in our lives!