Our National United Choirs (NUC) is asking every choir throughout our church to sing a common hymn next Sunday, January 31st, on its annual observance of its ministry to our Church. The National United Choirs is one of the oldest organizations we have in our history.

The Music Scholarship program has at its core a ministry to the musicians studying in all disciplines. There is a scholarship and category for instrumental, vocal, conducting, and study of sacred music. If anyone of our congregation is eligible to apply for a scholarship, please see Father Stan for an application. He can also fill you in on the details of the application and its process.

The Scholarship program was begun in 1967 at a convention in Cleveland, OH, and has been highly prolific in its years of operation. Father Stan was a two-time recipient back in the last century. We are also blessed to have a multiple-year recipient in Hannah, and singular year winners in Jenna, Melissa, and Claudia.

If you have read the articles in the church papers, you would have seen the notices to purchase the CD’s and/or tapes that were made of the concerts performed at the bi-ennial gatherings of the Choirs. And, God being kind, the long-anticipated bi-lingual hymnal will soon see the light of day.

Again, if anyone is taking lessons in any of the music disciplines and would like to apply for a scholarship this year, the application request must be mailed soon to meet its completion deadline of 1 April.

We thank our good Lord for the ministry of the Choirs, and pray that they will continue to serve our Church in the years to come.