Wesołych Świąt, Bożego Narodzenia!
Happiness on the Feast of Christ’s Birth!

”In the fullness of time, God sent His son“. These words are found in Holy Scripture, announcing the change of earthly rule over to that of the Son of God. We shouldn’t miss this too fine of a point – “fullness of time” – as an indication of God’s plan unfolding for His creation.

Many arguments have arisen over the years – why then? Why in the latter years of a growing Roman Empire? Why at a time when social ills were in no way comparable to those we face today? Why not now?

Intriguing, no? If one would speculate on time itself, what would be a good time for God to appear on earth in human form? Would there be a better time in the future? If one could anticipate a better world, wouldn’t one be able to have a bit more faith in humanity? Wouldn’t there be time to correct some mistakes in preparation for a better time to come?

Do you see the beauty of the plan God devised and carried out in the manger in Bethlehem some two thousand+ years ago? You see, we have the possibility of a better future; we have the opportunity of correcting mistakes in anticipation of a better world. That’s why the plan of God sent His Son to us at a time that would make our day today more hopeful, more blessed, more with the chance to live a life worthy of the Gift.

God knew what He was doing in this plan. Time was of the essence. One could argue that the miracle of Bethlehem set the world on a path that would lead to the more perfect world God had in mind on the day(s) of creation. However, just as strong an argument could be made that all was just setting the stage for the world today!

Presumptuous? Perhaps, but what can one do with the reality of the presence of God on this world, in the form of a human baby, Who for us, in this present day, is the only source of true happiness, blessing, love and grace?

As we are united in prayer this Holy Season, may our families, our friends, celebrate our Messiah; His love shall remain forever. Believe that, and that will bring true “peace on earth“!

–Fr. Stan