• 8/30 – Colossians 4:2-14 – ls this a time of struggle or surrender for me? Prayer starter: Grant me this day, O Holy Spirit, the gifts of patience and humility.
  • 8/31 – Colossians 4:15-18 – Whose “chains” can I help loosen today? Prayer starter: Carry me, O source of Love, beyond my limitation by your grace.
  • 9/1 – Genesis 1 – How often do prestige, power, or the opinion of others dictate my behavior? Prayer starter: O God, let me see your beauty in creation today. Show me your beauty in the people around me.
  • 9/2 – Wisdom 11:17-12:1 – What events in my life or places in nature will bring me to a meditation on God’s love? Prayer starter: O God, lover of my soul, I am filled with awe and gratitude because once again I see. . .
  • 9/3 – Psalm 107 – What events in my life help me to ponder the mercy of the Lord? Prayer starter: Teach my heart, O Lord. Help me to reflect and to understand your merciful love for me.
  • 9/4 – Exodus 33:1-34:9 – In addition to “merciful, gracious, loyal, slow to anger, forgiving, and full of loving
    kindness” who is God for me? Prayer starter: Gracious and merciful God, life is so complex right now – so demanding.
  • 9/5 – Psalm 103 – List three things for which you truly praise God. Are any of them difficulties? Prayer starter: O God, I know you have touched the heavens and the earth. You have touched my soul too and today I praise you for. . .

The month of September will have us studying the message of the Scripture concerning God’s mercy and forgiveness. May they be ours!