For each week of Lent this year, you were asked to bring in specific items for the needy, as a part of your denial in this penitential season. May the Lord bless your denial!!! We had the same number of bags as last year (38!!!), still able to provide for many. May you be blessed for your sacrifice!! God’s people, some of whom we may never meet, have been nourished and sustained through your donations. It was bittersweet to learn, however, that we are the only church in the city that has a Lenten collection!!! We are the only contributing congregation in the Spring!!! May the Lord bless you!!! As the Lord has been gracious to us during our Lenten journey, may He continue to bless us as we continue to sacrifice and give unto Him. To those of you who have allowed this parish to heed the Lord’s command to feed the hungry, God love you all.