This year we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our parish’s founding, in Schenectady.

Our parish was initially founded as St. Joseph’s parish on Raymond Street in Schenectady in 1921 and was formally incorporated on June 5, 1922.

St. Joseph’s parish experienced a fire on Good Friday in April 1935, and it had hoped to remain open to serve the Northside neighborhood. At that time land had also been purchased on Pearl St. in the Mont Pleasant neighborhood for the foundation of a second parish, Holy Name of Jesus.

Work started immediately on the construction of a new parish based on architectural drawings by E.G. Atkinson. The members of the new parish built the edifice by hand. Construction costs were initially estimated at $261,625.

Unfortunately, the continuance of St. Joseph’s parish could not be fulfilled, so the two parishes were combined and Holy Name of Jesus was formally incorporated on July 27, 1937.

We will continue to bring you snippets of history throughout 2021 and will keep you informed as to the many spiritual, liturgical, and social events planned for the celebration.

Recognizing Our Benefactors

From the beauty of our worship space, to the music we sing unto God, to more everyday things needful to a church, we could not have served for 100 years without the faithful support of each and every parishioner and the beautiful gifts given by benefactors. It is why we pray for our parishioners and benefactors in a special way at every Holy Mass.

Altar and Sanctuary Items

  • Large candlesticks – Donated in Memory of John Koza
  • Large Cross – Donated by Joseph and Lillian Lazinski and Peter and Helen Klimczak
  • Chalice and Patten – Donated on the Silver Anniversary of Ordination of Fr. B. Sikorski by Friends in Poland. Refinishing donated by the Tatlock Family.
  • Chalice and Patten – Donated in Memory of Joseph and Julia Kopec. Refinishing donated by the Panfil and DePaula Families.
  • Ciborium – In Memory of James A. O’Neill
  • Luna Custodial – In Memory of Andrew Bortniak, 1994
  • Pyx – In Loving Memory of Ernesto Tamburello by Giuseppina (Agostara) Tamburello
  • Intinction Set – Donated in Memory of Marilyn ‘Lyn’ Podkulski by her loving husband, Stanley Podkulski
  • Intinction Set – Donated in Memory of Stanley J. Podkulski
  • Holy Water Aspersorium and Aspergillum – Donated by Emily Ruchalski
  • Advent Altar Linens – Donated in Memory of Edward and Josephine Panfil from Memorial Contributions.
  • Presider’s Chair – Gift of the Adoration Society
  • Deacon’s chair – In Memory of Felex and Ida Szatynski
  • Subdeacon’s Chair – Gift of Henry and Helen Kubinski and Daughters
  • Ambo – Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Walkowicz
  • Szopka – Designed, built, and donated by Tadeusz Kszesniak
  • Silk, lace, and gold Easter Altar Linens – Donated by Mary (Mariana) Zobre in memory of her husband Peter
  • Jeweled Crown for the Blessed Virgin – Donated by Gladys E. Ordyk in memory of Mary Roicki
  • Large Votive Stand – Donated in Memory of Lawrence Panfil
  • Large Votive Stand – Donated in Memory of John Koza
  • Missal Stand – To The Memory of Janet Maliszewski by Friends and Family
  • Patten – In Memory of Albina Wasiclewska
  • English Missal (1962) – A Gift From Koleta J. Danahy


  • Cope – In Memory of Mary (Pytko) Pawelek

Stained Glass Windows

  • Glorious Cross – In Memory of John and Eva Fajkowski and Family
  • Resurrected Christ – In Memory of John Szwetkowski Sr. and Son Edward
  • Agony in the Garden – Given by the Ruchalski Family
  • St. Joseph the Workman – Given by the Lazinski, Chruscinski, Klimczak, and Kolek Families
  • Mary and the Infant Jesus – Gift of the Choir Harmonia
  • Good Shepherd – In Memory of Joseph and Julia Kopec
  • Sacred Heart – In Memory of Lawrence and Catherine Panfil
  • Adoration Monstrance – Gift of the Adoration Society
  • Holy Eucharist – Gift of the Maria Konopnicka Society
  • Symbol of the YMS of R – Gift of the Young Men’s Society of the Resurrection
  • Wheat and Grapes – In Memory of Franciszek and Rozalia Rogalski and Family

Electronic Piano

  • Donated by Marlyn Fitzner and Dorothy Schmid in Memory of Their Husbands

Collection Plates

  • In memory of Julia Kopec by Josephine and Edward Panfil
  • In loving memory of Donna and Charles Angle by Lawrence and Donna Panfil 

Sacramental Record Register

  • In Loving Memory of Frank and Mary Boniecki by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wandless


  • Donated by Peter and Helen Klimczak and Julia Kopec
  • In Memory of Stanley J. Podkulski by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Podkulski
  • Gift of the Maria Konopnicka Society
  • In Memory of Leon Lasewski by Helen Podbielski
  • In Memory of Andrew and Josephine Srebrzak by Joseph Srebrzak
  • In Memory of Joseph and Julia Kopec by Edward and Josephine Panfil
  • In Memory of Joseph and Julia Kopec by Anthony and Estelle Elka
  • Gift of the Adoration Society
  • In Memory of Aniela Krzyzak by Son
  • Donated by John and Tekla Yaszewski
  • Donated by The Gozdzialski Family and Stephen and Irene Naparty
  • In Memory of Edward and Antonia Gabis
  • In Memory of Anthony and Apolonia Labunowski by Mr. and Mrs. John Nowotny
  • In Memory of John Wyszynski by Mr. and Mrs. M. Gronczniak
  • In Memory of Louise Seastrand, Brandon Seastrand, and George Graves Jr. by Christopher Scepkowski, Sharon Sennit, and Ann Shano
  • Donated by Mr. and Mrs. M Liska and Son

Christmas Trees

  • Donated by Lawrence and Donna Panfil 

PNCC Hymnals

  • Marilyn Hietala – in memory of Bob Hietala & Rev. Jonathan Trela – 2 books.
  • Marlyn Fitzner – in memory of Hellen Pallette & Edward Fitzner Jr. – 2 books.
  • Liz & Pete Battaglia – in memory of the Battaglia & Emanuele families – 2 books.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Podkulski – in memory of Stanley J. Podkulski, Veronica Podkulski & Anthony A. Elka – 3 books.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Ruchalski – in memory of John Gozdzialski – 2 books.
  • Carol & Eileen Kupiec – in memory of Walter & Helen Kupiec – 3 books.
  • Choir Harmonia – in memory of Josephine Panfil – 12 books.

Hymns for the Family of God Hymnals

In Memory Of or Dedicated ToNumber of BooksFrom
Richard Beighley1Stella Beighley
Helen Biega1Eugene and Marie Maliszewski
Frank and Mary Boniecki4Ida Wandless
Mr. and Mrs. Wacław Chriscienski1Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lazinski
Scott Colvin1Lester and Thelma Colvin
Bolesław Dworakowski1Joseph and Nellie Gabis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elwertowski1Mrs. Helen Garve and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Maliszewski and Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Frandsen1Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shamberger
Thomas and Dorthea Fulcher3Henry and Dorothy Schmid
Deceased of the Gabis Family2Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jamro
Charles Garve1Mrs. Helen Garve and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Maliszewski and Family
Helena Gavryck1Joseph Gavryck
Gift1Michael Roman
Georgeianna Gille1Lisa Martin
John and Clara Godzialski1John and Irene Gozdzialski
John and Henrietta Haesloop1Fr. Jon and Doris Trela
Mikolej and Victoria Jendzieczyk1Carol Kupiec
Frank Kopec4Mrs. Emily Kopec
Joseph Kopec1Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kopec
Julia Kopec1Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kopec
Walter Kupiec2Carol Kupiec
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lazinski1Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lazinski
Janet Maliszewski1James and Dorothy Morrison
Janet Maliszewski1Edward Maliszewski
Janet Maliszewski1Angelo and Diane Orlando
Janet Maliszewski1Robert and Kimberly Maliszewski
Raymond and Veronica Maliszewski1Eugene and Marie Maliszewski
Raymond and Veronica Maliszewski1Edward Maliszewski
Joseph and Stacia Mendyk1John and Irene Gozdzialski
Joseph Mycek1John and Clara Szwetkowski
Mary Mycek1John and Clara Szwetkowski
Gladys Ordyk3Edward and Josephine Panfil
Gladys Ordyk7Mrs. Emily Kopec
Gladys Ordyk1Stacia Roicki
Gladys Ordyk1Mr. and Mrs. Francis Curtis
Gladys Ordyk3Dennis and Jane Kopec
Gladys Ordyk1Lawrence and Donna Panfil
Gladys Ordyk1Josephine Panfil
Helen Oswald1Stephen and Irene Naparty
Catherine Pepicelli1Eugene and Marie Maliszewski
Bronisław and Rozalia Ruchalski1Thaddeus and Mary Ruchalski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shamberger and Joseph Jr.1Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shamberger
Stephen and Mary Stollar3Stanley and Betty Trela
Eugene Sudol1Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Trela
John Szwetkowski1John and Clara Szwetkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taylor1Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shamberger
Richard and Maryann Taylor1Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shamberger
Caroline Trela1Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Trela
Tobias Trela1Fr. Jon and Doris Trela
Harry Wandless9Ida Wandless
Frank Wilk2Mrs. Anoinette Wilk
Frank Wilk1Ms. Eileen Kupiec