Remain in Faith

I would like to thank all those who have worked long hours in providing for the dinner served after Holy Mass on Sunday morning. I would also like to thank all of our past and current parishioners and guests for attending worship and staying for the dinner.

Our work together oven these past fourteen years has produced much fruit and brought manifold blessings upon us as we reached out our hand into our community in so many ways.

Our work for our Holy Polish National Catholic Church does not end with today, however. Although we may be working in different parts of the Lord’s vineyard, we, nonetheless continue to be needed by our Lord to spread His message of love and forgiveness. Please continue to pray for my family as I will continue to pray for you and yours.

— Father Stan

You have treated Your servant well, according to Your word, O Lord. — Psalm 119:65

Ś+P Marilyn (Lyn) Podkulski

We were saddened on hearing the passing of our sister in Christ, śp. Marilyn (Lyn) Podkulski.

After a very quick and debilitating period of illness, our sister, śp. Lyn accepted the call of her Lord to enter into eternal life.

As we all fondly remember, śp. Lyn served as parish organist and offered her ministry for many years, certainly during the time of this pastorate and for many years prior. She also was one of two “Stephen Ministry” folk, offering her comfort to those in need here at the parish. Her vocation was one of grief counselor providing necessary guidance and comfort to those families she came in contact with. There were three occasions when śp. Lyn scheduled to have a “remembrance service” here at the parish; always met with a deep

We will have a chance to offer our prayers of thanksgiving for her life; a memorial mass will be scheduled at the discretion of the family sometime in the near future.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon her.
May she rest in peace. Amen.

Reflection for the Solemnity of Brotherly Love

Is not life full of opportunities for learning love? Every man and woman every day has a thousand of them. The world is not a playground; it is a schoolroom. Life
is not a holiday, but an education. And the one eternal lesson for us all is how better we can love.

What makes a person a good artist, a good sculptor, or a good musician? Practice. What makes a good person? Practice. Love is not a thing of enthusiastic emotion. It is a rich, strong, vigorous expression of the whole Christian character — the Christ-like nature in its fullest development. And the constituents of this great character are only to be built up by ceaseless practice.

Thoughts and prayers for Youth Sunday

We pray for all the youth of our parish, our seniorarte, our diocese, and our Church especially this morning. We ask for God’s guidance as they return to the classroom, and that they be kept safe from societal and cultural harm as they move through their days. May we “elder brethren” be good examples of faith, love, and courage to them and for them.

A Prayer of Spouses, for Children, for Parents, for Families…

We asked God for strength,
that we might achieve,
We were made weak,
that we might learn humbly to obey.

We asked for health,
that we might do greater things,
We were given infirmity,
that we might do better things.

We asked for riches,
that we might be happy,
We were given poverty,
that we might be wise.

We asked for power,
that we might have the praise of others,
We were given weakness,
that we might feel the need of God.

We asked for things,
that we might enjoy life,
we were given life,
that we might enjoy all things.

We got nothing that we asked for –
but everything we hoped for,
Almost despite ourselves,
our unspoken prayers were answered
We are, among all, richly blessed!

The Solemnity of Pentecost

The day of Pentecost is the Church’s festival of the Holy Spirit. It is the third principal festival of the church year, the day on which we remember how the Holy Spirit came powerfully to a gathering of Jesus’ followers in Jerusalem.

In Polish, this Feastday is called “Święto Zielonych Świątki” or, literally, the “Holiday of Green.” Green, in the Church, is the color of hope. We’d like to “green up” the Church in a feeling of hope. If you have any green plants that you would like to decorate the church, window sills, sanctuary area; please bring them – thereby we shall emphasize the season of hope; for us, and for the Church to which Jesus promised the Holy Spirit.

The 66th Annual YMS of R/PNCC Bowling tournament news and results

The 66th Annual YMS of R/PNCC Bowling tournament was again a great success.

Eighty-six bowlers bowled in three events covering four divisions. There were, in the team event, 16 teams in both the open and womens’ divisions. There were no youth teams for the youth that were present bowled with the adults making for a truly “family affair.”

Deacon Jim bowled on a team made up of mates from around the church, Hannah and Josh bowled on teams made up of family and other parishioners. Father Stan bowled with the regular team once again. Deb, although under the weather, kept the cheering going as best she could.

As for accomplishments achieved: Hannah and her cousin Lauren finished first in the Youth division in doubles, Father Stan placed fifth in singles in the Spójnia division, and the team he bowled on took first place in the Spójnia division.

The Central Guiding Committee, at its meeting on Friday evening, accepted the plans for the 67th Annual Tournament to be hosted by our parish during the days of 18-20 May 2012 – our 90th Anniversary year.

May we ready ourselves to once again welcome our brethren from across the Church to join us for that weekend.

Directed Lenten Denial – your generosity

For each week of Lent this year, you were asked to bring in specific items for the needy, as a part of your denial in this penitential season. May the Lord bless your denial!!! We had more bags than last year (52!!!), and were still able to provide for many.

May you be blessed for your sacrifice!! God’s people, some of whom we may never meet, have been nourished and sustained through your donations. May the Lord bless you!!! As the Lord has been gracious to us during our Lenten journey, may He continue to bless us as we continue to sacrifice and give unto Him. To those of you who have allowed this parish to heed the Lord’s command to feed the hungry, God love you all.

Also four bags of toiletries were taken to the Albany City Rescue Mission (the facility where the “famine” participants went to serve lunch). The administrator welcomed the donation, which will allow them to serve needs on an individual basis.

The Pastor’s Easter Message

Lent 2011 was different.
The Triduum this year was different.
Even this morning things are different.

There have been years wherein Easter didn’t click; Easter was just a time to pass through, or pass over, as would use the terminology from this time. Tradition plays a deep part in our reckoning of times that we pass over in our lives. Tradition brought me to a point this Lent, this Triduum, which I’ve never been to before.

This morning, we have a choice before us. Jesus didn’t stay in Gethsemane. He walked through, walked to Calvary, and walked out of the tomb. Our choice is where we want to be this morning: staying in Gethsemane, still waiting by the Cross, or walking with Jesus, yea, even skipping with Jesus through the garden on a day of Resurrection.

Personally, without all of you here this morning, my choice would be more difficult; but because we have walked through Gethsemane, I can’t look back; I want to continue to walk with Jesus through Calvary and from the tomb – the tomb of doubt and worry, the tomb of confusion, the tomb of the unknown. Jesus did it all in three days; I’m not sure how long it will be for each of us. But what I do know is that Jesus will be waiting up ahead, speaking our name, calling to us, and waiting to take us forward, wherever that may be. Whatever path you take from the garden this morning, please believe that Jesus is there waiting for you. There’s no need to look back at the garden; what was done there is done – there are exciting and new adventures ahead. There may be other Gethsemanes, but, hey, once you’ve walked through one, it’s hard not to remember the recipe.

My friends, may His Holy Resurrection give us the power to walk on, to persevere, to apply ourselves to the challenges ahead! Praise Jesus! Hallelujah! Christ is Risen!

Fr. Stan

Chrystus Zmartwychwstał! Alleluja!

I tak cały świat staje się
zwierciadłem Jego chwały,
Tak niech nasze serca
odzwierciedlają radość
Jego blogosławieństwa i miłości.

Pełnych spokoju i miłości
Świąt Bożego Zmartwychwstania,
Z radosnym Alleluja

Rev. Stanisław i Deborah
Joshua i Hannah

Drodzy Siostry i Bracia,

Zmartwychwstanie Chrystusa Pana to postawa naszej wiary. Po wiekach oczekiwana przychodzi Zbawiciel – Chrystus! Głosi Swoja naukę – Ewangelię Świętego, czyni cuda, jaśnieje świętością. Świat otwiera pomału oczy, wyciąga don ramiona, upadają się słodka nadzieja. Nagle wszystko się zmienia. Chrystus Pan pojamy, umęczony, ginie śmierci haniebna, staszna na krzyżu. Jakiś cios dla naszej wiary! Zwątpienie ogarnia serca. Ten ślaby, zdeptany człowiek jest ze Synem Bożym, Bogiem, Zbawicielem? Jest za nauka Jego Boska, cuda prawdziwie? Gdzie moc, potęga Jego? Umarł, okryty hańbą. Jeśli nie spełni obietnicy, nie stanie z grobu, daremne nadzieje świata “Jeśli Chrystus nie powstał, próżne przepowiadanie naszym próżna jest wiara nasza!” (1 Kor. 15:14) Pod tym kamieniem grobowym spoczywał los naszej wiary! Nie otworzy się, tedy wszystko zginęło, zawiodło nas. Lecz nie! Anioł, jak błyskawic zstępuje z nieba, odwala kamień. Chrystus powstaje grobu. Przybiegają niewiasty, Apostołowie – Anioł im głosi: “Wstaci z martwych!” Wstał z martwych własna mocą, pokonał śmierć po więc udowodnił, że jest Bogiem prawdziwym ze dzieła zbawienie istotnie spełnić. Zmartwychwstanie tedy to pieczęć, fundament, podstawą, pokoja trudy, przelewają krew, życie oddają. I my dziś tak wierzymy, i my wołamy z Piotrem Św.,: “Pan mój i Bóg mój!” Zadna siłą, pokusa, nie zachwieje wiary naszej: z radością i chłubą odpowiadamy “Wiem, komu uwierzyłem” (2 Tym 1:12).

Wszystkiem Wiernym naszego parafii, będziemy razem głośno mówić – “Wesołego Alleluja!”

Oddany w Bogu,
Ks. Stanisław

30 hour famine

We undertook the direction of the National United Youth Association and worked through our starving for this Lent. From 11pm on Friday, March 25th until 5am this morning, March 27th, a group of people in our parish hall starved. Yes, starved. The experience will be akin to those who are going hungry in our world not just for 30 hours, but for days on end.

We visited the Albany City Mission to offer some volunteer help during the morning hours yesterday. We returned to the parish hall for some further fellowship, some homework completion, and, yes, continued starving. We planned to supply a light “breaking of the fast” this morning.

We didn’t have a chance to tally up the monetary donations as yet, but the participants would like to thank you and all the others that had offered their help to the group. Teachers, parents, and other concerned individuals outside our parish offered some help to raise funds for World Vision.

We anticipated a life-changing experience, not only for those who starved, but also for those who will be helped by the starving. Thanks for your support.