Bible Study for the Fourth Week of Easter

  • 4/29 – 2 Samuel 7:8-9 – Lord God, You have always chosen worthy shepherds for Your people, finally sending Your Son Jesus to be our Good Shepherd. Grant Your every grace to the men appointed to shepherd over Your Holy Church and keep them in Your care.
  • 4/30 – John 10:15-16 – Lord Jesus, You are our one Shepherd. Grant the grace of conversion to all who do not know You. Bring them into Your flock.
  • 5/1 – Ezekiel 34:23 – Lord Jesus, You are our one Shepherd. Grant that Your Church may not place any one man as shepherd in place of You. Continue to bless the collegiality of all successors to Your apostles.
  • 5/2 – Jeremiah 23:1-4 – Heavenly Father, continue to protect us from those who abuse Your flock. Grant that all who follow Your Son be good, generous, loving, and caring shepherds.
  • 5/3 – Psalm 23 – Lord, You are our Shepherd. Grant us restoration, remove want, destroy fear, and bring us to righteousness.
  • 5/4 – 1 Peter 5:2-4 – Lord, You call each of us to service in Your Holy Church. Grant that many may respond generously to Your call and bring those that have responded willingly and eagerly to Your promised reward.
  • 5/5 – Acts 20:28-29 – Lord Jesus, grant us safety and refuge from the wolves of the world. Grant too the strength of conviction so that we may respond with courage to the threats and evils we are confronted with.
  • Pray the week: Lord Jesus, shepherd us and teach us to trust and follow Your way.

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