Bible Study for the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time

  • 8/28 – 2 Maccabees 15 – What can the reading of 1-2 Maccabees add to my understanding of the New Testament, and vice versa? Prayer starter: Lord, we pray to you for the gift of peace in the world and for reconciliation among nations for you are the one and only Lord.
  • 8/29 – Amos 1,2 – From which sources, if any, am I Willing to take criticism? Prayer starter: All-seeing Lord, you know when we depart from the way of truth and life. Send us guides to correct us, and help us to stay and hear them out.
  • 8/30 – Amos 3-6 – Do I assist those in need, disparage them, or neglect them altogether? Prayer starter: Lord, we know you hear the cry of the poor. Soften our hearts and open our hands so that we might be generous and responsive to those in need.
  • 8/31 – Amos 7-9 – When have I been hopeless, only to discover new reasons to hope? Prayer starter: Gracious God, the history of the world is full of visions of destruction and despair. You alone, Lord of Life, are the reason for our hope.
  • 9/1 – Hosea 1-3 – Have you ever found a message from God hidden in your life circumstances? Prayer starter: Loving God, it is sometimes hard for us to think of you in the intimate terms that Scripture uses. Help us to believe in your nearness, as one heartbeat to the next.
  • 9/2 – Hosea 4-9 – When have I ignored advice or criticism only to face the consequences? Prayer starter: Lord, you know that the sin of pride is at the root of our insistence that our way is the best way. Give us the humility to listen to those who disagree with us.
  • 9/3 – Hosea 10-14 – When have I chosen bondage rather than the freedom God offers me? Prayer starter: You rescue us, Lord, from the consequences of sin and death. Still we need your help in every hour to keep from sliding back into death-dealing choices.

Thoughts and prayers for Youth Sunday

We pray for all the youth of our parish, our seniorarte, our diocese, and our Church especially this morning. We ask for God’s guidance as they return to the classroom, and that they be kept safe from societal and cultural harm as they move through their days. May we “elder brethren” be good examples of faith, love, and courage to them and for them.

A Prayer of Spouses, for Children, for Parents, for Families…

We asked God for strength,
that we might achieve,
We were made weak,
that we might learn humbly to obey.

We asked for health,
that we might do greater things,
We were given infirmity,
that we might do better things.

We asked for riches,
that we might be happy,
We were given poverty,
that we might be wise.

We asked for power,
that we might have the praise of others,
We were given weakness,
that we might feel the need of God.

We asked for things,
that we might enjoy life,
we were given life,
that we might enjoy all things.

We got nothing that we asked for –
but everything we hoped for,
Almost despite ourselves,
our unspoken prayers were answered
We are, among all, richly blessed!

Bible Study for the 21st Week in Ordinary Time

  • 8/21 – 2 Samuel 5 – Is it important for me to feel as if my life is in order? What level of uncertainty and lack of control am I comfortable living with?
  • 8/22 – 2 Samuel 6 – Do I hold back in any way from God? Do I feel a need to restrain myself or hide parts of myself from God?
  • 8/23 – 2 Samuel 7-9 – How has God fulfilled his promises to me? How have I experienced God’s blessings? Have they sometimes come in unexpected ways?
  • 8/24 – 2 Samuel 10-12 – What are the most powerful temptations in my life? What do I do to combat them and remain close to God? What is sometimes necessary to get me to admit my own sinfulness?
  • 8/25 – 2 Samuel 13-14 – These are complicated situations and conflicts in my own life. What are the causes of these situations? As I work out these conflicts, do I involve God?
  • 8/26 – 2 Samuel 15-16 – Why is family conflict so especially painful? Are there any family conflicts that are beyond resolution?
  • 8/27 – 2 Samuel 17-18 – When have I hesitated to tell someone the truth? Why? What am I afraid of?

The month continues with the study of the powerful prophet of God, Samuel. Although trained by an elder prophet, Eli, Samuel spoke powerfully for the Lord. Let him speak powerfully to you.

Bible Study for the 20th Week in Ordinary Time

  • 8/14 – 2 Maccabees 1:1-10 – How can we share more about common values with sister communities? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, we pray to you for all our brothers and sisters who believe in your name and abide by your gospel.
  • 8/15 – 2 Maccabees 1:10 – 2:18 – is it important to me to spend quality time reading more about faith and spirituality? Prayer starter: Lord, your words are food for our souls. May we always hunger for them and find in them nourishment for our journey.
  • 8/16 – 2 Maccabees 2:19-82 – What kind of nourishment do I hope to find in my reading of 2 Maccabees? Prayer starter: Lord, you speak to us in so many ways: through creation, through prophets and messengers, through the community-church. Make us good readers of what you teach us through history./li>
  • 8/17 – 2 Maccabees 3 – Is my local church a place where I can find quiet and spend some time encountering God? Prayer starter: Lord, may we always value shrines, churches, and temples as your dwelling places where we gather to glorify your name and to give you thanks for your saving deeds.
  • 8/18 – 2 Maccabees 4 – What are the convictions and values on which I am unprepared to compromise? Prayer starter: Lord, keep us faithful to your word and help us to discern wisely among lifestyle changes proposed by today’s prevailing culture.
  • 8/19 – 2 Maccabees 5 – Are we more concerned about the future of our buildings or about the liveliness of our communities? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you reminded us that human beings are more sacred to God than any religious symbol or ritual. Make us a lively and grateful community witnessing to your gospel.
  • 8/20 – 2 Maccabees 6 – Who are today’s Christian martyrs whose witnessing inspires me most? Prayer starter: Whether we live or die, Lord Jesus, we know that nothing can separate us from your love and from the love of your Father.

Bible Study for the 19th Week in Ordinary Time

  • 8/7 – 1 Maccabees 10 – Do I consider the decrease of temporal power for the Church as a loss or as a blessing? Prayer starter: Lord, you take no delight in offerings made of silver and gold, but those who offer you a sincere and humble heart move you.
  • 8/8 – 1 Maccabees 11 – Do I expect privileges for my Church or do I care more about my Church being at the service of society? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you want us to be free people not for our own advantage but to be true witnesses to your gospel.
  • 8/9 – 1 Maccabees 12 – How can Scripture help me reflect upon and understand the stakes of today’s topical issues? Prayer starter: Let, O Lord, our strength be our faith in you and may we always find in your word the encouragement we need in times of trial.
  • 8/10 – 1 Maccabees 13 – How far am I willing to go to live out the motto: “In God We trust”? Prayer starter: Lord God we entrust ourselves to you: Whatever you will for us and whatever you tell us, we will do.
  • 8/11 – 1 Maccabees 14 – Is our collective ideal of prosperity and success in keeping with that of God’s prophets? Prayer starter: Lord, do not allow us to be overconfident in our achievements or ever to forget what you have done to make us a free people.
  • 8/12 – 1 Maccabees 15 – Is the power of money and wealth a divisive factor in our community? Prayer starter: Lord God, do not allow the attractions of power and wealth to prevail in your Church over its spiritual and charitable mission.
  • 8/13 – 1 Maccabees 16 – What do I expect most from our religious leaders? Prayer starter: O God, you are our only Lord and Savior: Give us leaders according to your heart and according to our needs so that we may be a free and holy people.

Bible Study for the 18th Week in Ordinary Time

  • 7/31 – 1 Maccabees 3 – How can prayer play a more significant role in our living together as a community? Prayer starter: Lord, whatever the crisis facing us, you are our Rock and our stronghold, the One who gives us strength and courage.
  • 8/1 – 1 Maccabees 4 – How can our prayer gatherings reflect the joy and gladness of a people grateful to God for his boundless blessings? Prayer starter: Lord, you never fail to give assistance and great deliverance to your people. Blessed are you for all your saving deeds.
  • 8/2 – 1 Maccabees 5 – How can we, as Christians, better unite to promote the cause of peace? Prayer starter: Lord, you are a God who speaks peace to your people. Let our hearts be touched by your design of peace for the world.
  • 8/3 – 1 Maccabees 6 – When I realize I have harmed someone, do I care enough to make up for it? Prayer starter: Lord, let me rely on your mercy when I commit evil and teach me never to return evil for evil when harmed or hurt by others.
  • 8/4 – 1 Maccabees 7 – How can we press our governments and our leaders to take the right steps toward lasting peace? Prayer starter: Lord, we long for peace. Give us the courage and the spirit to build peace around us and never to give up on our hopes for understanding and harmony between people and nations.
  • 8/5 – 1 Maccabees 8 – How do I look at the relationship between politics and religion; distrust, indifference, positive yet discerning? Prayer starter: Lord, help us to value the diversity of nations and cultures and to promote friendship and harmony between people while remaining faithful to our values and beliefs.
  • 8/6 – 1 Maccabees 9 – What is good governance for me? Financial, military, diplomatic, humanitarian, ethical? Prayer starter: Lord, give our leaders the vision and the compassion to bring people together and to build up lasting peace.