Bible Study for Ordinary Week 18

  • 8/1 – 1 Chronicles 11:1-47 and 1 Chronicles 12:1-41 – Have I been able to recognize God’s will in the consensus of a community? Prayer starter: Lord, help us experience your presence and discern your will through the aspirations of our communities.
  • 8/2 – 1 Chronicles 13:1-14 – Do we, as a believing community, show enough enthusiasm in celebrating our God? Prayer starter: Lord, you are highly to be praised. Let our lives be a joyful tribute to the many gifts we receive from you.
  • 8/3 – 1 Chronicles 15:1-29 and 1 Chronicles 16:1-43 – Are we a people of praise? How can we improve the cheerful character of our gathering as a community? Prayer starter: Let our lives play the music you have written for us, O Lord.
  • 8/4 – 1 Chronicles 17:1-27 – What are my favorite places and moments to connect to God’s presence? Prayer starter: Help us, O Lord, to find and enjoy your presence everywhere, at all times, and in everyone we meet.
  • 8/5 – 1 Chronicles 21:1-30 – Have there been occasions in my life when it was hard to discern what was genuinely inspired by God? Prayer starter: Lord of mercy, help us to discern between good and evil and to always choose what is right in your eyes.
  • 8/6 – 1 Chronicles 22:1-19 – Do I consider the house of God to be a shrine of peace and a meeting place for peacemakers? Prayer starter: Lord, every time we come to worship you, help us remember that your ways have nothing to do with blood and violence and are ways of peace, justice and mercy.
  • 8/7 – 1 Chronicles 28:1-21 – How can we set and transmit our values and ideals to the next generation? Prayer starter: We thank you Lord for calling us to keep journeying toward the Promised Land of your Kingdom.

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