Bible Study for the Third Week of Easter

  • 4/26 – Isaiah 38 – Is God the Lord of my personal history, and how might I acknowledge this? Prayer starter: Eternal God, the past, present and future are in your hands. Bless this creature, time, and make it serve your purposes now and until the end of the ages.
  • 4/27 – Isaiah 39 – How do past choices impair my present, and present choices affect my future? Prayer starter: Lord, guard us from the damage our pride and ignorance can cause. Give us the gifts of humility and discernment.
  • 4/28 – Isaiah 36 – How do I “edit” my story to present myself in a better light? Prayer starter: Faithful God, you know how we place our confidence in people and things to see us through life’s difficulties. May we learn to put our trust in you alone.
  • 4/29 – Isaiah 37 – Would I trust a prophet who’s shaky on the facts but right about the results? Prayer starter: God of glory, your loving word never fails to deliver on its promise. May we trust the revelation and ponder the stories of Scripture in our hearts.
  • 4/30 – Isaiah 22 – How do I keep the spirit of the contrite heart fresh and alive in me? Prayer starter: Gracious God, you deliver your faithful people from every danger, including death. Make us heed our prophets, who dwell in the valley of visions because of your mercy.
  • 5/1 – Hebrews 1:1-4 – What are my greatest expectations as we start the reading of Hebrews? My greatest apprehensions? Prayer starter: Lord, keep us vigilant and receptive to the world of the messengers and prophets you keep sending us and in a very special way to your own Son Jesus, Word made Flesh.
  • 5/2 – Hebrews 1:5-14 – Who are the angels for me and what do they teach me about God and about Jesus? Prayer starter: You, Lord, together with your Son Jesus Christ, are worthy to be praised and worshipped. Together with the angels we praise you and worship you.

Bible Study for the Second Week of Easter

  • 4/19 – Isaiah 29, Isaiah 32:9-20 – What habits assist me in sharpening my acuity for the truth? Prayer starter: Lord God, you sent your son Jesus to be the way, the truth, and the life. Shine the light on our path so we may follow him as disciples for the truth.
  • 4/20 – Isaiah 30:1-26, Isaiah 31:1-7 – Do I find my ultimate security in God or in worldly strength and authority? Prayer starter: Lord, you know the fear we carry in our hearts, and how small and vulnerable we are. Help us to seek and find our strength in you.
  • 4/21 – Isaiah 30:27-33, Isaiah 31:8-9, Isaiah 33:1-16 – Do I treasure the spirit of violence in my thoughts, words, or deeds? Prayer starter: God of justice, you alone have the right to judge the living and the dead. Purge the spirit of violence from our hearts, minds, and hands and show us your peace.
  • 4/22 – Isaiah 30:23-26, Isaiah 32:1-8, Isaiah 33:17-24 – Where have I glimpsed the divine beauty of mercy and hope in the world? Prayer starter: O Lord, you are the one for which we long, the only hope for the restless heart. Put us on the path toward your peaceable kingdom.
  • 4/23 – Isaiah 34 – Do I attempt dialogue and diplomacy, or move straight to retribution? Prayer starter: Creator God, you made the world through the authority of your word. May we trust in the power of words more than weapons.
  • 4/24 – Isaiah 35 & Jeremiah 31:7-14 – How might my fears be an indicator of how far I’ve traveled from the Holy Way? Prayer starter: Banish the spirit of anxiety and fear from your people, O Lord, so that we may be free to do your will. We have nothing to fear because you are our safety.
  • 4/25 – Isaiah 20 – How much am I willing to risk to tell the truth in front of my community? Prayer starter: O Lord, may we never prefer the dignity of our image and our reputation before others over your summons to testify to the truth. Give us the courage of your prophets!

Annual Youth Workers Seminar — Sunday, April 26th

The annual Youth Workers Seminar is scheduled for next Sunday, April 26th, at the Joseph Zaloga American Legion Post in Albany. The scope has changed this year – we shall focus on Bible study and how we may better communicate God’s word to students. This year’s speaker is Dave Ambrose. Dave was actually the first speaker to be present when we had taken on the responsibility of hosting this event. Dave is a featured speaker for Youth Specialties One Day series.

Youth workers from all around our area have already registered for this event. If you would like to help out, please let Father Stan know. You don’t have to stay the whole afternoon; help at the beginning of our time together, during dinner (around 5:30, and clean-up are the times when help is most needed). Thanks for whatever help you can give to the youth workers in our area!

YS One Day - Focused Youth Ministry Training

Directed Lenten Denial

For each week of Lent this year, you were asked to bring in specific items for the needy, as a part of your denial in this penitential season. May the Lord bless your denial!!! We had the same number of bags as last year (38!!!), still able to provide for many. May you be blessed for your sacrifice!! God’s people, some of whom we may never meet, have been nourished and sustained through your donations. It was bittersweet to learn, however, that we are the only church in the city that has a Lenten collection!!! We are the only contributing congregation in the Spring!!! May the Lord bless you!!! As the Lord has been gracious to us during our Lenten journey, may He continue to bless us as we continue to sacrifice and give unto Him. To those of you who have allowed this parish to heed the Lord’s command to feed the hungry, God love you all.

Bible Study for the First Week of Easter

  • 4/12 – Isaiah 15-16 – Am I capable of feeling compassion for those I don’t like or approve of? Prayer starter: Healer of every division, you know the separations in the family of humanity. Lord, bring harmony to the nations and within families.
  • 4/13 – Isaiah 17 – In which worldly strength am I tempted to put my trust? Prayer starter: Eternal God, all power and authority under heaven must bow before you. Teach us to trust in you rather than in wealth, personal virtue, position, or other advantage.
  • 4/14 – Isaiah 18-19 – Can I say, “God bless all nations” as convincingly as “God bless America”? Prayer starter: Lord of the universe, you claim all creation as yours. Grant wisdom to all nations on earth, so that we might see one another as brothers and sisters.
  • 4/15 – Isaiah 21 – Do I seek simplifications in matters of religion, or do I make room for mystery? Prayer starter: Lord of wonder, you are the source of wisdom and knowledge. Yet you reserve the fullness of understanding until the end of time.
  • 4/16 – Isaiah 23 – How do I consecrate my material resources to the Lord’s purposes? Prayer starter: O Lord, shield me from the temptations of wealth and prestige. Hide me in the palm of your hands that I might be safe, and holy as you are holy.
  • 4/17 – Isaiah 24-27 – What false “bottom lines” night I be standing on to my peril right now? Prayer starter: Great God of Sinai, you show your glory to a world that averts its gaze. Help us to use the real bottom line, the end of days, as the only measure of success.
  • 4/18 – Isaiah 26 – In what ways may I have “drunk the Kool-Aid” of my generation? Prayer starter: Compassionate Lord, you send us prophets and teach us wisdom that we might be guided in the way of truth. Rescue us from the drunkenness of our complacency.

The Administrator’s Easter Message

Hope is a funny thing … it’s based on intangible things — timing, logistics, materiel, and gumption. Wait! The whole list is of things that are measurable and attainable, but gumption? The working definition of gumption is something like “stick-toit-iveness”; that can’t be measured, because it would be different depending on the variable for each person. And yet, gumption is vitally dependent on hope. The stronger you hope for something, the more gumption you should have; should have. Oftentimes, however, we find that it’s the other way around.

The more we want something, the less we want to stick it out until we achieve it. We become fidgety; we become disheartened; we become less hopeful.

Whoa! Less hopeful? But I am waiting for this! I need this!

How can I be less hopeful? The process of life is one that is more based on the unknowing than the knowing. Do we all know perfectly how a car works? Perhaps not, but we hope it does when we need to get somewhere quickly. Do we truly know how electricity works? Perhaps, but our hope that it works depends solely on an immeasurable amount of unknowing.

Ah, but once a thing hoped for is attained, then all the work and worry, the doubt and the times of unstickyness are all forgotten and we can bask in the victory of the attaining of whatever we were hoping for.

The truth of our Lord’s rising from death is the bedrock of our hope. We hope the same for our loved ones, neighbors, our friends, and us. We hope because we are wired that way. But the times of unstickyness in the hoping for resurrected life need not weigh us down with apprehension or doubt. It’s real! And we have our Resurrected Lord to stand our hope upon.

May this Easter be the time where the world wakes up to find more hope. May you be the beacon of hope in the lives of as many people as you can ge to – Jesus lives!

— Fr. Stan

Uroczystość Zmartwychwstanie Pańskiego

Zmartwychwstanie Chrystusa Pana to postawą naszej wiary. Po wiekcach oczekiwania przychodzi Zbawiciel Chrystus. Głosi Swoja naukę – Ewangelię Świętego, czyni cuda, jaśnieje świętością. Świat otwiera pomału oczy, wyciąga doń ramiona, upaja się słodka nadzieja. Nagle wszystko się zmienia. Chrystus Pan pojamy, umęczony, ginie śmiercią haniebną, straszną na krzyżu. Jakiż cios dla naszej wiary! Zwątpienie ogarnia serca. Ten slaby, zdeptany człowiek jest że Synem Bożym. Bogiem, Zbawicielem? Jest że nauka Jego Boska, cuda prawdziwie? Gdzie moc, potęga Jego? Umarł, okryty hańbą. Jeśli że spełni obietnicy nie ustanie z grobu, daremne nadzieje świata: “Jeśli Chrystus nie powstał, próżne przepowiadanie nasze, próżna jest wiara nasza!” (1 Kor. 15:14). Pod tym kamieniem grobowym spoczywał los naszej wiary! Nie otworzy się, tedy wszystko zginęło, zawiodło nas. Lecz nie! Anioł, jak błyskawica, zstępuje z nieba, odwala kamień. Chrystus powstaje grobu. Przybiegają niewiasty, Apostołowie – Anioł im głosu” “Wstańcie z martwych!” Wstał z martwych własna mocą, pokonał śmierć – więc udowodnił, że jest Bogiem prawdziwym. Że dzieło zbawienia istotnie spełnił. Zmartwychwstanie tędy to pieczęć, fundament, podstawą, opoka wiary. To też patrzmy, jak umocniło ono wiarę Apostołów: głoszą Ukrzyżowanego, za te wiarę cierpią, pokonują trudy, przelewają krew, życie oddają, i my dziś tak wierzymy, i my wołamy z Piotrem Św.: “Tys Chrystus, Syn Boga żywego.” Z Tomaszem Św., “Pan mój i Bóg mój!” Żadną siła pokusa, nie zachwieje wiary naszej: z radością i chluba odpowiadamy “Wiem, komu uwierzyłem: (2 Tym 1:12).

Wszystkim Wiernym naszego parafii, będziemy razem głośno mówić, “Wesołego Alleluja!”

Chrystus zmartwychwstał — Prawdziwie!

— Ks. Stanisław

Holy Week and Easter at Holy Name

Remember to plan your week so that you may be able to attend all the services scheduled for Holy Week. To truly celebrate Easter we must hear, feel, and experience the entire Passion. This is brought out in all the services of Holy Week. Then, the great and glorious celebration of the Resurrection will be as fulfilling as it needs to be.


At 10 am, the Clergy Conference of the Central Diocese will meet for its spring meeting. Following the close of the meeting, our interim diocesan ordinary and all the diocesan clergy will celebrate the Holy Mass of Chrism. The holy oils that are used throughout the year in our parish are blessed and consecrated by the bishop during this liturgy.


Fast and Abstinence


Fast and Abstinence

At 7 pm, Institution of the Eucharist celebrated with Holy Mass, Communion, and the Procession with the Blessed Sacrament to the Repository, and the stripping of the Main Altar. The Church will remain open following Mass for meditation.

o 1900 wiecz. Msza święta, Komunia, Procesja z Naj. Sakramentem do bocznego ołtarza, Ciemnicy i obnażenie głównego ołtarza. Kościół będzie otwarty aby ludzie mogli modlić i adorować.

Traditionally, historically and liturgically, this night begins the Paschal Triduum (three days). It was on this night that our Lord Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist, which we all share whenever we come to Mass. Following the Mass on this night, the Blessed Sacrament will be taken to a place of Repose until Easter Sunday. The faithful should consider the liturgies of the next two days as a continuation of this night’s, hence, the Triduum.

This is an important liturgy for all of us who revere and worship Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for it was on this night that Jesus gave us the Sacrament of the Altar.


Fast and Abstinence

  • Noon – The Parish Church will be opened
  • 1 pm – Stations of the Cross
  • 2 pm – Bitter Lamentations, parts 1-3
  • 3 pm – Opening of the Grave
  • 7 pm – Mass of the Pre-Sanctified
  • 1200 po pod., Kościół będzie otwierać
  • 1300 po pod., Droga Krzyżowa
  • 1400 po pod., Gorzkie Żale, części 1-3
  • 1500 po pod,, Otwarcie grobu Pańskiego
  • 1900 we wiecz., Obrządek Piątkowej Mszy i adorować Krzyża



The second day of the Triduum, the day our Lord died, begins with the time our Lord was nailed to the cross, re-tells the story, and ends with the symbolic opening of the tomb. The “pre-sanctified” liturgy is so described for no consecrations of bread and wine can take place on this day. A host consecrated the night before is used at this liturgy. The third will be placed in the Monstrance and carried in procession Easter Sunday morning. The evening service will be recited, and contains an ancient Lenten devotion, once more retelling the events of the day.


Fast and Abstinence

4 pm, Liturgy of Holy Saturday. Blessing of New Fire, also Paschal Candle and Baptismal Water.

Easter foods will be blessed concluding the liturgy; and in homes by appointment

1600 po pod., Liturgia Wielkiej Soboty; poświecenie ognia, świecy Paschalnej, wody chrzcielnej i święconej. Świecenie pokarmów Wielkanocnych będzie w kościele; aby ksiądz przybył do domu, to proszę zatelefonować do domu księdza.

The third and last day of the Paschal Triduum contains many historic blessings. The Church, at one time during each year, blesses all of the items she uses during the year; hence, the fire, baptismal water, holy water, and the Paschal Candle are all prepared during this liturgy. The traditional blessing of Easter food will be offered to any and all who desire. The traditional foods for the Eastern Europeans are meats, eggs, bread, and any other foods that will be eaten on the day of Resurrection. However, whatever foods any of our families will be sharing on Easter day can also be blessed for our use in this special ceremony. Please try to keep the tradition handed to us, or begin an old new family tradition in your homes this Eastertide.

You may bring your basket to church on Holy Saturday or please call Father Stan to make a visit to your home for this blessing. The parish Church will be dressed for the Easter holyday following the close of this liturgy.


8 am – Resurrection Procession and Resurrection Mass of Easter Day.

0800 w rano, uroczysta Suma Wielkanocna.

10:30 am – Solemn mass of Easter Day

1030 w rano – Msza Niedziela Wielkanocna

Following each liturgy, there shall be a festive repast. Please plan to join the celebration.

Two Mass times are offered this Easter. The 8 am will have the Resurrection Procession and Mass of Resurrection celebrated. The 10:30 am Mass will be a solemn celebration for Easter Sunday. Please make sure you attend and celebrate the Lord’s victory together with your family.

Bible Study for Holy Week

  • 4/5 – Isaiah 5:1-7 & Isaiah 27:2-5 – In the soil of your life, what blooms and what remains dormant? Prayer starter: Lord of life, and goodness, you shower an abundance of blessings on our land. May we be faithful to you now and in the time of harvest.
  • 4/6 – Isaiah 7 – How do your choices demonstrate that you believe God is with us? Prayer starter: Faithful God, history has shown repeatedly that you alone can be trusted to rescue your people. Help us to keep fear out of our discernment of right and wrong.
  • 4/7 – Isaiah 8-9 – Where do I see signs of the light in these present times? Prayer starter: Gracious God, you sent your son Jesus to be the light of the world. Then Jesus invited his followers to be the same. May our light so shine before all!
  • 4/8 – Isaiah 10-11 – In how many ways does my pride prevent me from entering the era of peace? Prayer starter: God of the great Shalom, you hold out for weary hearts the promise of a world at peace. Make us ambassadors of peace wherever we go.
  • 4/9 – Isaiah 12 – How often and under what circumstances do you remember to give thanks? Prayer starter: Creator of everything, you are the source of all life and hope. We praise you for your goodness and thank you for the opportunity of this day.
  • 4/10 – Isaiah 13 – How might I begin to heal the division of Us-and-Them thinking in my life? Prayer starter: God of every race and nation, people and tongue, you do not see the political lines we draw in the sand. Bless the world and help us bring about the common good.
  • 4/11 – Isaiah 14 – How do I make fun – none too gently – of those whom I oppose? Prayer starter: Lord of justice and judgement, you alone will have the final victory. Help us to treat all others, even our enemies, with dignity as bearers of your divine likeness.